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Do you experience fluctuations in mood? Are you prone to depression?

Does your energy change throughout the day, affecting your mental focus? Are you feeling unmotivated? There are a number of nutritional imbalances that can contribute to how you are feeling. Let me introduce you to some mood food’s, essential for brain function and neurotransmitter production, that you can easily add to your green smoothie.

Healthy food, alert brains, even temper – helping your children adjust to school days.

Healthy food routines are crucial for supporting your children to be alert in class and not break down into tears or tantrums after the school pickup bell. The long lovely days of the school holidays are over and adapting to a tighter routine can take some time and struggle. Planning high quality and kid friendly meals and snacks can really serve to support this transition, both for your child and for you. Children come home exhausted in the first few weeks back at school. The potential for arguments, tears and winging is high. Remaining calm and supportive can be challenging for any caregiver in the face of disobedience or multiple children with varying emotional needs.