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Dairy: A Hidden Factor in Your Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how much dairy you should have each day? Or whether it’s working for you? Dairy is prevalent in the average Australian diet, recommended by our health authorities as the best food to keep our bones and teeth strong via its calcium content. It is a unique animal food as it is intended to promote rapid development of a baby calf cow. The question is, if it is intended to stimulate rapid growth and developments of a calf, what effect does it have on humans trying to lose weight?

Keeping Our Little Ones Healthy Over Winter Using Some Old Fashioned Common Sense

How do we keep our kids from spending the winter with runny noses and miserable looks on their faces? I would say that the first steps are the simple ones. In the hype of health information, we sometimes forget some of the gems contained in ‘old fashioned common sense’.

World Sleep Day: 13/03/2015

    How much sleep do we need? Too little sleep over several nights leaves you tired, unable to concentrate, depressed and anxious. Long term affects increase your risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity, these are the same risk factors for too much sleep.

What Hidden Factors Could Be Harming Your Metabolism?

Fat composition in the Australian diet has changed considerably over the last 80 to 90 years. Back in the 1920s Australians were eating predominantly saturated fats from butter and animal fats. Keep in mind that the rates of our modern diseases were low. Since then, there has been a gradual rise in the consumption of legume, grain, nuts, and seed oils from mass farming industries. These oils are high in omega 6 polyunsaturated fats and are the major reason behind how these fats damage metabolism and are partially why Australia has seen a surge in metabolic disorders such as diabetes and obesity.

Recent research by Pieh et al.(2014) has shown that a multi-modal approach to health management delivers the most effective results, compared to a single modality on its own. So what does this mean for you? It means that multi-modality clinics like NatMed are in a unique position to offer you and your family the best quality healthcare, all under one roof.