Rob Tiller


Rob Tiller has been working as a registered psychotherapist and couples counsellor in Perth for over a decade. He has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Texas University and a graduate degree in counselling from Murdoch.

“Rob provided very professional and empathic support to me despite the significant difficulties and complexities of my situation. Over a period of probably 18 months he was a source of fabulous insight, illumination and advice during what was a very distressing time. Thank you, Rob!” Helena

Rob’s passion is to assist his clients to gently confront their life challenges in ways that create more enjoyment in themselves and their relationships. Rob says, “it’s human to get anxious, depressed, angry and overwhelmed during rough times. With support we can learn to recognize and respond more mindfully to our unique distress signals which, over time, gives us the personal ability to spend more of our day feeling grounded, optimistic and ready for what’s next.”

“When I first came to Rob I found myself unable to deal with many issues like chronic jealousy and anger. I was exhausted, confused, and frustrated with how my life was going. Through our sessions I learnt to understand myself and was able to take off my ‘shit goggles’ and see myself and other people differently. I became a more caring person. I can’t express how much of a difference this has made to my life. Thank you mate, I am proud to be a better man after the work we did together.” David

Rob is particularly interested in what it takes to create and maintain vibrant physical health. He acknowledges that healthier habits around nutrition, exercise, and sleep require effort to establish, focus to maintain and that ‘backsliding’ is part of the journey. “Current psychological research consistently shows that by being more mindful in our daily self-care routine results in increased physical vitality and emotional wellbeing.”

Rob is available at NatMed for counselling appointments on Mondays and Wednesdays.