Men’s Health Clinic

How We Can Help

NatMed has practitioners with extensive experience in supporting men to get the most out of life. Through a truly comprehensive healthcare approach we assist men at all stages of life with:

  • gut issues
  • cardiac health
  • metabolic health
  • weight loss
  • nutritional support
  • pain
  • mental health support
  • sleep issues
  • general preventative care

Better Testing

In-house health screens such as live blood analysis, magnagraph pulse oximeter, and bio impedance analysis (body composition) are available to all our patients at no extra charge. This ensures we establish the causal factors and risks involved in your health picture and that we get your prescription right. We then re-test as you progress to measure your progress. We also test for age-related issues such as PSA, cardiac risk factors, and nutrient deficiencies where indicated, and offer extensive functional testing for more complex issues.

Better Medicine

We are industry leaders in researching the latest and greatest products and breakthroughs in complementary medicine. And where needed, we work with a team of medical and allied health professionals to support you on your journey. We champion outstanding support and the results speak for themselves.

We give you the road map and get you where you want to be. We then re-test to ensure your program has delivered results. You truly don’t yet know how good your body was designed to feel until you have gone on this journey.