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Better Testing

In depth health screens such as live blood analysismagnagraph pulse oximeter, and bio impedance analysis (BIA), are standard in initial consultations. This ensures we establish the causal factors and risks involved in your health picture and that we get your script right. We then retest each time you come to measure progress. We also test for age related issues such as psa, cardiac risk factors, and nutrient deficiencies where indicated.

Better Support

We offer a team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience but we can’t do everything. Over the last 15 years in business we have developed a vast network of allied professionals to support you in your health journey. We are proud to deliver you simply superb support & results as a result.

Better Medicine

Because we are industry leaders in researching the latest and greatest products and breakthroughs in alternative medicine you can be assured your prescription will perform to deliver the results we promise.


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How can we help you?

NatMed has specialists who have extensive experience in supporting men get the most out of life by delivering truly comprehensive health care via a thorough approach.

We use extensive in house and pathology testing to develop a comprehensive base line of where you are. We can also offer extensive functional testing for more involved issues.

We give you a road map to get you where you want to be.
We then retest to ensure your program has delivered

You truly don’t yet know how good your body was designed to feel until you have gone on this journey.

Express Health Summary
Are you experiencing:

One or two symptoms that are niggling at your quality of life, such as PMS, mild digestive disturbances or poor immune health.

Then this is perfect for:

Young people and children. If you have uncomplicated issues or just want a yearly health check-up.

And this is what we’ll cover:

60 Minute Naturopath Consultation, Live Blood Analysis, Computerised Magnagraph Testing

Full Wellness Check
Are you experiencing:

Symptoms that impede your quality of daily life and have appeared in the last three months. Symptoms include fatigue, hormonal imbalance, difficulty with sleep, or digestion problems such as bloat, gas and reflux.

Then this is perfect for:

People over 30, or children and younger people with challenging health issues.

And this is what we’ll cover:

90 Minute Naturopath Consultation, Live Blood Analysis, Magnagraph Testing, Urinary Testing

Comprehensive Analysis
Are you experiencing:

Symptoms that impede your quality of life regularly and have been present for over three months.

Then this is perfect for:

Adults with symptoms affecting their quality of life for some time, or people with chronic illness who require an integrated medical approach.

And this is what we’ll cover:

Naturopath Consultation, Live Blood, Magnagraph Testing, Urinary Testing, Bio-Impedance Analysis, Medical Testing


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