Fertility Clinic

Fertility Clinic

We have supported hundreds of couples to conceive either naturally or with the help of IVF.

One in six couples is now suffering with fertility issues – you are not alone! At NatMed, we will work with you (and your medical team if you have one) to ensure that we get to the root cause of your fertility problems.

Better Research = Better Outcomes

Our clinical approach to fertility support is based on the Foresight Method. Foresight is the world leader in pre-conception care for improving fertility. Based in the UK, their extensive research has led to significant breakthroughs in how we approach fertility issues. We bring this research and clinical approach to you via our fertility services at NatMed. This involves thorough history taking and extensive testing of both female and male partners. The aim is to optimise ovarian and sperm health, and to remove all impediments to conception. It also embraces a change to dietary habits to encompass nutrient-rich, fertility-friendly eating.

Better Support

At NatMed, we have a specialised Fertility Practitioner who has been working in the field for 15+ years. Jacky Dixon has helped countless couples through their fertility, pregnancy and postpartum care.

Read more about Jacky here.

Better Medicine

Because we are industry leaders in researching the latest and greatest products and stay abreast of the research and clinical trials into preconception care, you can be assured your preconception and nutrition program will be customised to give you optimal results.

Infertility is affecting more and more couples, in reality very few men and women are clinically infertile. The good news is that if you are having trouble falling pregnant, there are a range of natural fertility treatment options that can either be implemented on their own, or alongside IVF or other conventional fertility treatments.