Meal Planning

NatMed Meal Planning

Need to make some dietary changes to create the health you deserve? We’ve got you covered!

Simply book in for a meal planning consultation with one of our team.

We offer two levels of Meal Planning: Basic and Comprehensive.

Basic Meal Plan ($129) covers:
  • A meal planner covering 3 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner and  snacks
  • Recipes for meals and snacks
  • A customised shopping list
  • Summary of all macronutrients (protein, fats and carbs), key micronutrients (minerals and vitamins) and calories
  • Protein goals
  • A guide to low GI food swaps
  • A Where to Shop Guide for food and wellness products (for both North and South of the river, as well as online)


Basic Comprehensive Meal Plan ($159) covers:

  • All of the above, but your meal planner, recipies and shopping list covers a full 14 days. A great option if you are time poor and want all the hard work done for you.


Call 9399 1999 for more information or book a Discovery Call.