Jacky Dixon

Naturopath & Fertility Specialist
Jacky Dixon Naturopath & Fertility Specialist
Advanced Diploma in Naturopathy
Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine

Jacky is a women’s health specialist and our fertility consultant. Having experienced intensive preconception care in order to facilitate a healthy pregnancy at 34 years of age, she understands the trials and tribulations of fertility medicine. She now uses her personal and professional experience to support couples endeavouring to conceive. Jacky is a highly talented practitioner who won two of the four prizes in her graduation year including “Most Outstanding Graduate in Clinical Practice” and “ Most Outstanding Performance in the Study of Western Herbal Medicine”.

Jacky is a dedicated professional who has worked in Natural Medicine since 2001. You can be assured that she has knowledge of the most up to date research, as she recently completed a Pregnancy Care course with fertility experts from across Australia and is presently studying a paediatric course. Jacky also presents at NatMed’s  Rawlicious  Seminars.

Jacky specialises in the following areas:

  • Fertility medicine and preconception care
  • Women’s health issues and hormone testing
  • Depression, Anxiety and Mood disorders
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Heavy Metal toxicity
  • Paediatric care