SHIFT Weight Loss

This unique 3 phase, 12 week program delivers long lasting results.

Most diets are calorie-controlled with low levels of protein and this results in muscle loss. Losing muscle means that you gain weight easily as your body is less metabolically active. During the shift program your fluid, muscle and fat levels are monitored using Bio Impedance Analysis, or BIA.

You will expect to lose 1kg of body fat per week.

Three stages of the 12 week program

Phase 1: 4 Weeks

Phase One: Quick Shift – Feel it!

During the quick shift phase you will experience a Quick Shift in metabolism and fat burning capacity.

Extensive tests using bio impedance analysis and live blood analysis are used to assess metabolic function, inflammatory levels and muscle to fat mass ratios.

You are then given a nutritional and dietary prescription for liver and bowel detoxification and fat burning. You will feel an increase in energy during this phase.

Phase 2: 8 Weeks

Phase Two: Lift Shift – Love it!

A lift in activity levels to increase energy and increase fat burning.

Phase 3: Life!

Phase Three: Stick Shift – Live it!

Lift Shift offers you ongoing professional support to guarantee you do not yo-yo back to a flat metabolism. Size reduction is maintained.


No Special Exercise Equipment
No Calorie Counting
No Feeling Hungry
No Cravings
No Pain
No Gyms
No one program is the same because you are not the same

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