In-House Testing

In-House Testing

NatMed are industry leaders in testing. We offer the most comprehensive suite of in-house tests as part of your follow up consultations because we believe in delivering you the best.

In-house testing provide us with invaluable and instant information we need in order to assess your health. These tests give us all the lights on your dash board so we can provide proactive preventative medicine as well as refer you for further testing where indicated. These tests never replace general pathology testing. We use them to augment and inform our services to ensure you get the best support possible. The results are instant & you receive a written report of findings together with a diet and script to address any concerns and symptoms.

The results provide us with invaluable information about how to get you better faster.

In-house tests mean we get to the bottom of your health issues faster.

Only very few Naturopathic Practitioners can interpret & understand these tests because the level of training required is rigorous & time consuming.

NatMed has an ongoing internship and training program to ensure the information you receive is correct and that your service is impeccable. We are committed to delivering comprehensive programs of care which facilitate our clients return to wellness in the shortest possible time.

What can I expect at NatMed?

  • We take a thorough history
  • If need be we collect previous pathology and health screen results.
  • We then take you through all the in house tests if you have booked for a full initial consultation or 400 point health check.
  • We then write up a report of findings of all your tests & write a pathology order for more tests or give you referrals to other practitioners you may need to see.
  • We then write up a comprehensive prescription with diet and lifestyle advice. (comprehensive diet and lifestyle advice and prescription is usually part of the second consultation once we have all you results in.