Indican Urine Analysis

Indican Urine Analysis: An In House Test Included In Initial Consultations

Indican Urine Analysis

Assesses gut ferment, bacterial balance in the bowel and leaky gut.


We use assays to pull out the protein from the urine. Bacteria is composed of protein. By measuring the proteins in the urine we can see whether there is a movement of bacteria from the bowel into the urethra. If there is a large movement then we can do further tests to assess whether you may have leaky gut.

The Urinary Indican Test is an accurate screening tool, allowing identification of the intestinal bacterial dysbiosis (dysfunctional bacteria) in the bowel.


Current dietary and lifestyle practices have produced an increasing number of health disorders caused by a malfunctioning digestive tract and the toxicity that results from it.


The scale for measurement ranges from 0-4. If the level is high (3 or 4) chances are you don’t just suffer from dysbiosis but also leaky gut and potential auto immune disorder as well.



This is a loss of integrity in the gap junctions of the intestines, causing non digested material from the small intestine to leak through to the blood stream. These gap junctions are microscopic openings allowing protein wastes to move into the blood stream. Once in the circulatory system, these molecules are attacked as the body cannot recognise them as self. That is the immune system releases antibodies to attack these perceived antigens. This antibody: antigen response drives down the immune system and also creates an inflammatory response including histamine cascade. This inflammation and concomitant lowered immune system due to the constant fight leads to auto immune disorders such as sinusitis, eczema, arthritis, lupus, cfs, fibromyalgia, asthma, and other allergy related disease states. If this inflammatory condition is driven back in using anti-inflammatories and steroids then there will be deeper organic issues created.


Treatment for leaky gut is aimed at removing the protein fractions that create the antigen load from the diet. These include wheat or gluten the protein in wheat and dairy. Then the focus is on refurbishing the gut with healthy bacteria (probiotics) and ‘fixing’ the gap junctions with a special protein called glutamine as well as ‘mopping’ up the auto immune reaction and inflammation. This includes boosting the immune system and clearing symptoms.