Children’s Health Clinic

Do you have a little one who is suffering with the following?:


Tummy pain

Recurrent ENT infections

Fatigue and recurrent infections

We can help!

Senior Naturopath / Functional Medicine Practitioner and our Paediatric Practitioner, Deb Taylor, has over 24 years of clinical experience, is a mother herself and loves working with little ones.

What’s involved?

Our consultations are tailored to provide comprehensive and personalised care for your child’s wellbeing and includes:

  • Initial Consultation: Consultations can be conveniently conducted via phone or in-person. We delve into your child’s complete health history, ailments, as well as their diet and lifestyle. This thorough review sets the foundation for a holistic approach to paediatric health.
  • Personalised Dietary Advice: Following the assessment, Deb will provide tailored dietary recommendations. As part of our commitment to your child’s health, you’ll receive a comprehensive twenty-page support document. This resource is full of invaluable tips and insights gathered over Deb’s many years of practice.
  • In-Clinic Assessments: Depending on your child’s age, in-clinic assessments may be recommended. These assessments include in-house diagnostic tests, and for a comforting experience, our care dog Georgie may be present. Our clinic is equipped with various diagnostic supports to identify the root causes of paediatric health issues.
  • Targeted Supplement Recommendations: Upon assessment, Deb may recommend one to three supplements focused on addressing the chief health issues. For certain age groups, Deb may collaborate with our Nurse Practitioner, for additional tests covered by Medicare, such as iron studies.
  • Resolution and Follow-Up: Many children experience a swift resolution of symptoms through our personalised approach. You can explore our testimonials here.

Drop-In Clinic: We also offer a free drop-in clinic and SMS support between consults for all our little patients who don’t get sick to a schedule.


Call us today on (08) 9339 1999 for a free 10-minute Discovery Call with one of our our Patient Care Coordinators. Or book here.

Better Testing

Non-invasive In house testing for children using stethoscope and otoscope together with indican urine analysis enable us to establish what may be the cause of your child’s problems. We also do live blood Heamaview for children who are comfortable with a simple skin prick. This gives us a quick understanding of nutrient deficiencies such as B12 and iron and tells us how your child’s gut and immune system are working. Your child becomes very motivated once they see their results for themselves and parents are always surprised at how responsive children are to changing their diets to keep the improvements coming!

This is three-year-old Claudia having her finger pricked in a live blood Heamaview test.
Thank you Claudia for your bravery and your smiles!