Live Blood Analysis

Live blood analysis is a form of live blood screening where the practitioner takes a blood sample and views it under a microscope.


At NatMed our patients can view this sample on the computer screen via a camera. Live blood analysis may provide your practitioner with additional information that enables us to better make decisions about the prescription we may use.


Not only will you feel the difference, but with live blood analysis, you see changes in your blood as your treatment progresses.

Using only one or two drops of your blood, your practitioner will use a specifically designed microscope to investigate the size, shape and ratios of the red cells, white cells, and platelets in your blood.


Live blood analysis enables us to take a close look at how your body is functioning. This means we make better choices about how to get you feeling better faster.


Your practitioner will work with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health. Live blood analysis is based on the medical science of Haematology. It provides your practitioner with useful information to guide their choice of program to return you to wellness. It does not take the place of invaluable blood tests for pathology which we will refer you for.