Medical Consultations

Nurse Practitioner

We are the only clinic in Australia to integrate the services of Nurse Practitioners.

Why a Nurse Practitioner in an Integrated Medicine Clinic?

  • Most of your health needs are covered in the one clinic.
  • It keeps the cost of your care down as our NP is registered with Medicare & most tests are bulk billed.
  • We can access medical tests that you may not have had with your GP such as homocysteine, vitamin D & Active B12.
  • We have a team approach to your care. This helps to resolve any issues sooner and means we can access specialist care or more involved investigations if needed.
  • Lu is a specialist in Mental Health Care. She is proficient at assessing patient needs in this much needed area.

Nurse practitioners – not just registered nurses.

A nurse practitioner is a degree trained professional who can:

  • Prescribe
  • Refer
  • Investigate

Lu Ferguson: NatMed
Nurse Practitioner

“Without Lu, we would not be able to support you within an integrated medicine model, establish baselines, investigate thoroughly and keep you safe.

Lu brings many years of valuable expertise & is a huge contributor to our team focus of empowering you to find the health you deserve & keep it for life. As a highly trained mental health care professional she brings a skill set that compliments the team to help us with your care. We are very grateful for her contribution to your journey with us”

Deborah Taylor, NatMed Clinic Director

Lu is trained to help assess your needs without the need to see one of our naturopathic physicians. This is helpful if you are on a budget, have a medical issue that you would like to discuss with someone from a more medical viewpoint or if you have a mental health issue.

Lu offers her consultations with a small gap fee or bulk billed depending on your circumstances. Please ask us at the time of booking what the fee will be.