Medical Consultations

Nurse Practitioner

We are unique in that our clinic integrates the services of Nurse Practitioners.

Nurse Practitioners – not just registered nurses.

A Nurse Practitioner (or NP for short) is a Masters trained professional who can prescribe pharmaceutical medications, refer to other medical professionals, and order Medicare-rebated pathology.

Why a Nurse Practitioner in an Integrated Medicine Clinic?

  • Most of your health needs are covered in the one clinic.
  • It keeps the cost of your care down as our Nurse Practitioner is registered with Medicare & most tests are bulk billed.
  • More comprehensive testing than you may get elsewhere, including tests such as vitamin D, zinc, and B12.
  • We have a team approach to your care. This helps to resolve any issues sooner and means we can access specialist care or more involved investigations if needed.


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