In-House, Functional and Pathology Testing

Live Blood Analysis


Computerised Health Assessment

Bio-impedance Analysis for Body Mass Assessment

Urinary Indican Testing

Urinary Heavy Metal TestingES Teck Body Scan

Complete Microbiome Mapping

Complete Diagnostic Stool Analysis

SIBO Breath Test


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

DUTCH Advanced Hormonal Profile

DNA Comprehensive Health Report

Salivary Adrenal Hormone Profile

Saliva Sex Hormone Profile

Lipid Sub-fraction Testing

Organic Acids Testing

Urinary Iodine

Food Intolerance Testing

Heavy Metal Testing

Vaginal Microbiome Testing

Plus many more!

Metabolism Profiles

Cardiac Risk Profiles

Vitamin Levels

Immune Work-up

Over 40 Panel

Over 50 Panel

Fertility Panel

Cancer Markers

Diabetes Screens

Liver Function


At NatMed you will receive the most comprehensive health assessment you have probably ever had. We do extensive in house tests with all consultations. Testing informs us as to where you are in terms of biochemistry and organ function and what we need to do to correct these areas. We gather historical records from your previous pathology provider and make a decision as to which general pathology tests, such as cholesterol or liver function, need to be done. Once we have all this data and we have finished getting all your history and symptomology, we will make an initial prescription and diet program. We may discuss more in depth functional testing with you if we think we need to take a deeper look at your health to ensure we get you results.

Your body is like a piece of very expensive engineering. Think of it like you would an expensive luxury car. Your parts have a use by date. It is our job to make sure that you get the most out of your body for as long as possible. Testing your engineering is a little like hooking your car’s engine to a computer to analyse its systems. By performing these tests we can see where there may be red lights on your dash board that you have no idea about. This knowledge enables us to see these warning signs and prevent disease so you can live a healthy and fulfilled life into old age.