General Pathology Testing

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NatMed are Industry Leaders in Testing

We are proud to partner with Perth Pathology to provide our patients with general pathology testing. Our practitioners are trained to understand general pathology testing and when to refer back to your medical practitioner.

This makes us unique as a Natural Medicine Provider

If your blood results reflect pathology that needs medical treatment you will receive that support via our network of medical practitioners or we will call your own general practitioner to help you gain the care you need faster.

Some of the General Pathology tests available at NatMed:

(We can order any general pathology test you may need, this list just gives you an idea of common tests we do. )

  • Allergy panels including rast testing, immunoglobulins and anti nuclear antibody testing to assess auto immune reactivity and general allergy potential.
  • Immunological panels including inflammation markers and full blood count.
  • Cardiovascular panels to assess risk including homocysteine, lipids (including apo a and apo b lipids to assess real cholesterol issues), electrolytes, biochem, renal and liver function.
  • Metabolic panels to assess metabolism including thyroid function, insulin, glucose, Hba 1 c diabetes testing.
  • Hormone panels for assessing issues such as menopause, fertility , amenorrhoea, heavy cycle, loss of libido, pcos, endometriosis, hair growth or loss
  • Fertility panels including ovarian reserve and semen analysis as well as estrogens and progesterone, dhea and androgens.
  • Over 40 health check panels including homocysteine for cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s and dementia risk assessment. Full lipid profile (including apo a and apo b testing), vitamin D, cancer antigens for both men and women, liver function, renal function, inflammatory markers for general health and hormone tests to prevent early ageing.

At NatMed we understand the results we should expect from our prescriptions. If we do not see this result then we will order further testing to rule out serious illness or refer on. Please see the bottom of the page for a clinic story about our thorough and interdisciplinary approach.

Here is a story from our clinic that is common because we are so thorough.

We had an 8 year old child present with recurrent pneumonia. Her mother had taken her to 3 naturopaths and her general practitioner. The child had received recurrent antibiotic therapy for the pneumonia as well as numerous herbs and nutritionals. We ordered a full blood count and her lymphocytes were slightly depressed. We prescribed herbals and nutritionals but saw little improvement in the lymphocytes within one month. We understood that she should have responded with an improved lymphocyte count and immune function on the script she was on. We then ordered an immunoglobulin work up. Her Immunoglobulins were low. We then organised an urgent visit with the GP and requested an urgent referral to a paediatric immunologist.

The child had been born with a genetic problem which meant she could not make all the immunoglobulins she needed. She had to have immunoglobulin injections for life.

It was very fortunate that we insisted that the child see a paediatrician. The reason this was achieved was because we understand the limitations of our approach and see our input within a matrix of professionals who can all add value. It is vital that no one provider appropriate care but that we all work together to facilitate your wellbeing.