Naturopathic Consultations

Established In 1999

We promise to deliver health solutions via thorough testing, management & resources to empower you to create the health you deserve. We promise to treat you like a valued member of our family.

Over 100 Years Experience Across Our Team

We are Perth’s high end integrated medicine clinic fiercely dedicated to research testing & training so that we can empower you to create the health you deserve. For Life.

Comprehensive Testing

We are the only clinic in Australia to offer comprehensive in house testing at no additional fee.

We have invested a huge amount of money in health screening devices. This enables us to establish base lines and measure the effect of your lifestyle changes and any treatment. Testing is inclusive in all follow up consultations at no extra fee.

What does a Naturopath do?

There are many grades of naturopathic practitioner in Australia and it can be confusing. At NatMed, our degree trained practitioners have over 100 years of combined experience which means you get the very best clinical care. Our consults are long. Why? Because we care. You are a more complex piece of engineering than your car so it is only right that we spend the time necessary to get your health program right.

Our focus is on functional medicine which encompasses biochemical function such as liver detoxification or inflammatory pathways. We then look at physical function – that is how the ‘mechanics’ of your body are functioning such as digestion or joints. We also look at who else we need on the team and sometimes this means we will connect you with other great members of our team or our allied health group who can help you to achieve optimum results in shorter time.

What Can You Expect in a Consultation?

Firstly we like to test. We have a lot of machines! Why? This enables us to assess the causes of your problems earlier and quicker. Technology has advanced in medicine and there is so much more available than a thermometer , BP monitor and stethoscope so we like you to have access to it so we can help you regain health more efficiently.

Then we like to take a full history which we then run through medical software to assess any interactions with current medications. Your history form that you will fill in before you come is very useful as it color codes your issues by system to facilitate us to comprehend the causes of your issues quicker.

We then integrate all of this information and formulate a plan including diet, biochemical and or herbal prescription as well as some lifestyle changes.

What can Naturopathy help with?

Some of the regular problems we deal with are included below however we also deal with very complex patients with multiple issues and have great success due to our integrated team approach:

  • Poor Immune Health
  • Hormonal Problems such as Endometriosis, PMS, Heavy Periods, PCOs and Amenorrhea
  • General aches and pains
  • Fatigue or trouble sleeping
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Digestion problems such as bloating, gas and reflux
  • Weight Loss goals
  • Fertility
  • Chronic Illness that requires an integrated medical approach
  • Child Health and poor immunity

What Happens Next?

Then we will see you every 2- 4 weeks for around 3 visits or until we have solved your problem and after this we will see you two to four times a year to update your script in light of any improvements in technology such as liposomal nutrients which have only become available to Australians this year.