Heavy Metal Urine Analysis

Heavy Metal Analysis: An In House Test Included In Initial Consultations

Your Practitioner will work with you to develop a dietary and lifestyle plan to improve your health. Heavy Metal Testing provides you with instant bio feedback on how you are going with your detox goals. It will tell you whether you have chelated heavy metals and whether your still being exposed to toxins in your diet and water.

Heavy Metal Urine Analysis


This test is a quick in house test to see if you’re excreting heavy metals. Heavy metals are usually sequestered into tissue so they are not usually mobile and found excreted in the urine. People who we find this test important for are those working in agriculture or heavy industry. If you test positive for Heavy metals we will usually recommend that you have a hair tissue mineral analysis.

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At NatMed we work with holistic dentist Image Dental to support you through amalgam removal.


Prior to extraction you will have a hair tissue mineral analysis and urine analysis to assess mercury levels.


This will be done again after extraction and chelation therapy.


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Heavy metals such as mercury in amalgams and lead in rain water are important factors that can affect health.


We can also test your water for you to see that it is clear of copper from pipes and lead from rain water tank solders.