Help for Healthy Birthday Parties!

Help for Healthy Birthday Parties!

Healthy birthday parties – are they possible?

My daughter was invited to a gorgeous and inspiring birthday party this week. A very health conscious Mum created a memorable day for her daughter and friends with magical decorations but above all REALLY HEALTHY PARTY FOOD. Healthy birthday parties? They are possible!

We are all so desperate to fulfil our kid’s dreams as well as make sure that their friends feel comfortable that we sometimes make compromises with party food that we don’t feel entirely comfortable with. If you gather the confidence to make healthy but fun choices for your next kids birthday party you may be surprised how much they love the food and how grateful the parents will be that their children don’t come home so irritable and on the verge of a tantrum.
The party table was laden with healthy and yummy gluten and sugar-free treats. Gingerbread Men, Almond ‘No Sugar’ Cookies, Cacao butter icing, Lemon Cupcakes, a fresh fruit platter, vegetable sticks with Hummus, non-GMO popcorn and home-made sausage rolls.
Instead of using lollies or chocolates to decorate the cake this clever Mum used edible flowers, mint and raspberries which made a pretty alternative. To drink the children had, Fruity Water containing some sliced fruits and mint to give the water a fruity tang and festive look. Instead of lolly bags to take home the children received fairy wands or pirate swords to fit with the Fairy-tale theme.
What I love about my work is helping people to make healthy and life-giving choices in their daily life. It is beautiful to experience people becoming creative about their family’s health and find solutions that bring joy and good health. Children adjust so quickly to a healthier diet with less sugar and refined carbohydrates. They understand it is important to look after their health and I find in practice that they usually cooperate well with any changes. I so often see small dietary changes making a huge impact on the lives of our little ones.
Thanks for the inspiration! Here are the links to some of the recipes used:
Eloise brings 17 years experience as a clinician as well as
a wealth of knowledge gleaned from her own parenting journey to her
role of child health specialist at NatMed.

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