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How Do We Help Our Teenagers Build Resilience In The Face Of Adversity?

Have you ever wondered why bad things happen?

Let me share an event that happened a week ago to my teenager, my 12 year old son. Once a week after school my teenager, Oscar likes to head down to Fremantle with a few of his mates to enjoy some of the newly discovered freedoms of youth - namely - eating junk food and going to Esplanade Park to try out their parkour moves (-an urban sport involving jumping from one urban structure to another - kind of like Neo in the Matrix - albeit a much tamer version!).

Re-inventing the Pyramid: Are you confused about how to eat?

An interview with NatMed's associate nutritionist, Adrian Adams

A new food pyramid has been released by Nutrition Australia and has made some rather dramatic changes compared to previous revisions of the pyramid. Currently, Australia is exposed to a handful of large organisations that release national food guidelines working off the back of the governments “Dietary Guidelines for Australians 2013”. For the most part, these organisations (Nutrition Australia being one of them) have followed the guidelines set by the government. So, why has this organisation changed its pyramid? Is there new evidence of certain food groups being recommended in too high amounts? Or is it just representing what clinicians are actually recommending? Why the change? To answer these questions and more I have NatMed's resident associate nutritionist, Adrian Adams.

Who does what? How to find a qualified practitioner for nutrition advice.

It can be difficult to locate the perfect practitioner to meet your needs when seeking nutritional advice and counseling. What style of nutrition advice will he/she give me? What research and education will the practitioner be drawing their advice from? These are questions that should be answered before you decide to commit to your first consultation.

Winter: Time to check in with our body's defence systems

It’s that time of year again when you can feel the sun outside starting to change and the days are getting shorter. How do our bodies cope with the change in season? As we are now in the last month before Winter is upon us, it’s the perfect time to check in and support our immune system.

How A Scarf Can Ward Off A Cold This Season

As we shift seasons from summer to autumn, and on to winter, we are more prone to invasion by viral and bacterial colds and flu. This susceptibility is enhanced by the erratic movement of the weather from hotter days to cooler days and back again, and by our daily movements into air-conditioning to the hotter air outside, then from heated rooms to the cooler air outside.

What is MTHFR?

MTHFR is an enzyme that controls the formation of folate or vitamin B9 compounds within the body. Folate is important for a process called methylation, where by the body donates chemical groups to make other important compounds vital to the body’s health.