Silly Season Survival 2.0

Silly Season Survival 2.0

It is that time of year again. The weather is heating up and the Christmas parties and events might be starting to pile up…

But no fear, we’ve got you covered with some strategies you can implement to survive the summer because let’s face it, you are going to be drinking or eating a little more than usual over the silly season.

After this crazy year, we all deserve to let our hair down and get silly so here are some not so silly things you do this summer to ensure all your hard work doesn’t go down the drain and you arrive into 2022 feeling fabulous!

1. Take Magnesium

Your liver has 2 phases and 6 processes to detox. The COMT gene is down-regulated in many of us. This codes for phase II liver detox. The limiting factor (without which it won’t work), is magnesium. We, naturopaths, will magnesium load before a big night to support COMT. The trick? Drink a tsp of mg bisglycinate or citrate in a large glass of water prior to going out, preferably whilst out and then again before bed.

2. Support your liver

Your liver may need a little more love during this time of year and taking liver supporting supplements can help protect your liver and support detoxification pathways. N-acetyl cysteine, sulforaphane or herbs such as st marys thistle and schisandra all work to support your liver health, prevent oxidative damage and upregulate detoxification pathways.

3. Hydrate!

We tend to get a little anxious and excited when socialising. This causes the hand holding our drink to go to the mouth more often. Swap every second drink for a glass of water with or without fizz.

4. Protein load.

Consume a good protein source before the party by taking 2 scoops of protein powder with some water or nut milk. This will put glycogen into your liver and satiate your appetite. You won’t need to eat straight away and will binge less on the cheese, chocolate or dips and will be able to wait until the ‘proper’ food has to come out.

5. Take time out.

When gathering socially just walk out for 5 minutes to help reduce anxious drinking. Tell everyone you have gone to the loo. Just leave everyone’s energy and tune in to you, take a few deep breaths. This settles the vagus nerve moving you into rest and digest – parasympathetic nervous system activity and out of sympathetic excitation. You will then return and be more in tune with how much you are drinking and eating.

6. Eat well first.

I know the mince pies, potato bake, bread, pasta and ‘naughty’ foods look great and taste great too, but eat all the ‘proper’ food first. Fill your plate with the vegetables and salad and a source of protein like turkey or chicken and save the ‘naughty’ food for your second serve.

7. Earn it.

Decide before you go out what your extra consumption will be even if it is a bit OTT. Work out how many calories that is and earn it first. Wine is roughly 130 calories per standard glass, vodka and gin are around 60 calories without mixers. Most people burn around 300 calories doing cardio at a heart rate of 130 bpm for 30 minutes. Don’t skip out on your usual exercise routine and keep your step count up.

Teodora Robinson
[email protected]