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Red meat, chicken, pork and animal products in general have had a bad wrap over the past 40 years via nutritional experts and government health promotion. Consumption of animal products such as meat and dairy has been linked to giving us cancer and heart disease; our two biggest killers here in Australia. Why though? When human beings have been consuming animal products for millennia and archaeological records suggest that humans did not suffer as we do today. Could it be that the animals that we eat today bear little resemblance to the healthier animals of the past?

Seasonal Eating in Western Australia

Traditional cultures still eat by season. You buy an apple in a market and you know it has come from a nearby farm and was picked the same week as you purchased it. Changes over the years in farming techniques and food storage means that the apple you are eating may have been in cold storage for weeks or come from a foreign country.

New Food Pyramid Review

Australians, did you know we have a new guide to healthy eating from the government? As you can see, the new guidelines are a pie chart, that kind of looks like a plate. The Department of Health and Aging suggest we eat these relative proportions of food groups daily. The department is well intending though some of this research is a little out dated.


Any time I scan the paid-presentation channels I always see the latest ‘fad’ exercise machines being sold, with bikini clad models or Hollywood tough guys like Chuck Norris sweating away as they use them. I often wonder how many good old 1990s ab crunchers are gathering dust in people's sheds, products of older ‘fads’ never to be heard of again. Yoga however, with its 5000 year history, is one exercise routine that will never lose popularity, and the reasons for this are now being more fully understood by research.

Fighting Infection From the Gut

Gastrointestinal Associated Lymphoid Tissue (GALT) Our digestive system is a prime entry point for a disease-causing organism to enter our bodies. So the body has developed a highly specialized digestive-immune interaction system called Gastrointestinal Associated Lymphoid Tissue or GALT. An overwhelming percentage of our immune system is present in the gut as this GALT and rightly so as it is a vulnerable place for the body. Food presents a risk of infection and the body recognizes this and strives to protect itself.

What is Gluten?

Do you follow a gluten free diet? If you ask the majority of the population what gluten is, they usually don’t have an accurate answer. If you asked someone with coeliac disease, you would get the correct answer because their life and health depends on knowing every little crumb of knowledge regarding what food or even cosmetics contain it!