Protect Your Neck!


Protect Your Neck!

How A Scarf Can Ward Off A Cold This Season

As we shift seasons from summer to autumn, and on to winter, we are more prone to invasion by viral and bacterial colds and flu. This susceptibility is enhanced by the erratic movement of the weather from hotter days to cooler days and back again, and by our daily movements into air-conditioning to the hotter air outside, then from heated rooms to the cooler air outside.
In Chinese Medicine theory, the change of seasons is a common time to become ill with pathogenic factors, classically expressed as a Wind-Cold attack or a Wind-Heat attack. By keeping our body’s temperature as even as possible we can aid in the prevention of being susceptible to these conditions. Keeping your neck covered and protected from wind – this includes the breeze from fans, air-conditioning and heaters- is essential to help protect us.
Usually by now we would be experiencing the nice cooler weather of a traditional autumn/winter, however this season has been slow to get started. The longer heat that we have been experiencing coupled with the humidity, increases the internal heat and dampness of our bodies’ internal landscape. This can make us more irascible or short tempered and more fatigued leaving us at a greater risk of exposure to a Wind Heat or Wind Damp Heat attack. Avoiding too much hot natured foods such as chilli, too much garlic, ginger, or cinnamon; and avoiding damp natured foods such as too much dairy, processed foods, sugar, coffee, and alcohol all helps increase your protection.
Of course other diet and lifestyle factors can also provide assistance including:

  • Maintaining optimal hydration levels with good quality filtered water

  • Washing your hands regularly, especially after contact with people who are sick and before eating

  • Maintaining healthy levels of vitamin D either from 20-40 minutes of sunlight or via high quality supplements

  • Covering your nose and mouth when you cough or sneeze (washing hands after)

  • A healthy diet with lots of fresh fruit and lightly steamed or cooked vegetables
  • Maintaining a healthy level of low impact exercise

  • Changing out of sweaty clothing as soon as practical after exercising, and,

  • Ensuring that you keep your neck covered if it is windy

So yes, we did just give you a legitimate reason to buy that chunky knit scarf you’ve been eyeing!
For guidance on strengthening your immunity and how acupuncture can enhance your health call Danielle at NatMed 9339 1999 for a free 5 minute phone consult.

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