The Thyroids Role in Fertility!

Thyroids and Fertility

The Thyroids Role in Fertility!

Did you know that Thyroids play an important part in conceiving?

If you have been trying to conceive for 6 months or longer it is well worth getting your thyroid health checked.
For such a small gland situated at the front of the throat the thyroid has a big job to perform. It is essential for regulating metabolism, blood calcium levels, energy production, fat metabolism, oxygen utilization, balance of other hormones and weight maintenance.
I find that with my clients sub optimal thyroid health is often overlooked by your G.P and thyroid blood tests are not preformed as part of a standard pre conception blood panel.
This is particularly important if:

  • There is any family history of thyroid problems
  • There have been any previous miscarriages
  • The woman has an irregular menstrual cycle
  • It has taken more than six months to conceive

For conception

  • During pregnancy, fetal growth and development is controlled by maternal thyroid hormone, with help from fetal thyroid hormone later in pregnancy. Growth and development continue to be regulated by the thyroid postpartum.
  • Poor thyroid function can disrupt the usual rhythm of your menstrual cycle, reducing the chances of successful conception
  • Poor thyroid function can result in amenorrhea which is the absence of menstruation
  • Reduced Luteinising hormone, which is the hormone that stimulates the release of the egg, ovulation may be absent
  • The second half of your menstrual cycle may be too short ( the Luteal phase)due to poor LH response which impacts on low progesterone levels(T3 required for progesterone release from the luteal cells) a fertilised egg can’t implant and will be released with the next cycle- you may be unaware that this happens
  • Lower thyroid function results in lower basal body temperature, specific temperature is required for the embryo to grow, this may result in early miscarriage
  • Balanced oestrogen : progesterone levels are essential for conception, high oestrogen levels antagonise thyroid function,- conditions such as endometriosis are oestrogen dominant
  • And it’s not just about The females health low thyroid function effects men as well
Jacky Dixon
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