Thyroid Testing for Optimal Health

Thyroid Testing for Optimal Health

Is it time for a new approach to your health?

The health department acknowledged that we were suffering with iodine deficiency so fortified our salt with it. Back in the 80’s the heart foundation then told us not to eat it because it would predispose us to hypertension.
The result? A generation of hypothyroid menopausal women with daughters and sons who are also predisposed to hypothyroidism.
I discovered sub clinical hypothyroidism when I hit menopause myself and wanted answers. I found that I was not sleeping well, my blood pressure would go up easily, my head would sometimes spin on my shoulders in true Linda Blair fashion at the slightest provocation and I was generally feeling just not as well as I felt I could. Did I forget to mention that when I so much looked at food I gained a kilo as if by miraculous osmosis?
Eventually I learned about sub clinical hypothyroidism and how to test and treat it. 

What is Sub Clinical Hypothyroidism?

Sub clinical hypothyroidism is where your thyroid may look normal with a regular surface blood test but with deeper analysis it proves to be less than optimal and could be the cause of a myriad of your health issues which hold you back from having a totally fulfilling life.

How do I test for it?

In order to properly assess the impact of thyroid activity on your health you need to get all your thyroid hormones tested with a serum test at pathology. You can call us to arrange this via Perth Pathology. This test includes T3,T4, TSH and sometimes we need RT3 as well as RT3 is a hormone that “switches off” or “down regulates” your active thyroid hormone; T3.
Once you have done this we recommend you do a thyroid reflex test called “Thyroflex”. This test works out how much thyroid hormone is actually active in your arm muscles and is a quantitative test that is much more useful assessment than a simple blood test.
If you would like to explore this option further to see if your thyroid is affecting your health, give us a call on (08) 9339 1999 and book in with one of our thyroid specialist Naturopaths. 

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