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Is it time for a new approach to your health? The health department acknowledged that we were suffering with iodine deficiency so fortified our salt with it. Back in the...

A question that plagues many of us, do we diet to lose weight and gain health or do we exercise?

This is a question that also troubles many of the government health departments around the world as they try to find a solution to the obesity epidemic. Many studies have focused on this question and have produced great results to support both arguments. The problem lies in that obesity is an accumulation of fat tissue that is excessive however this comes along with a host of metabolic problems such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and stroke. Not to mention an increase in many inflammatory chemicals which increase the risk of infertility and cancer. So let’s look at the question.

Do you find it hard to portion control your meals?

Struggle to control portioning of your food to keep digestive problems at bay or control your weight? Well some people have some food habits or behaviors that make it hard to control food intake and others may have poor signals to say they are full. Here are two scenarios to offer some assistance with:

Dairy: A Hidden Factor in Your Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered how much dairy you should have each day? Or whether it’s working for you? Dairy is prevalent in the average Australian diet, recommended by our health authorities as the best food to keep our bones and teeth strong via its calcium content. It is a unique animal food as it is intended to promote rapid development of a baby calf cow. The question is, if it is intended to stimulate rapid growth and developments of a calf, what effect does it have on humans trying to lose weight?

What hidden factors could be harming your metabolism?

Weight loss is not easy and many people struggle with carrying extra fat deposits here in Australia. Much of an Australian's nutritional advice comes from the television, friends/co-workers, or family, which compounds an already difficult task.