Portion Control Techniques

Portion control

Portion Control Techniques

Do you find it hard to portion control your meals?

Struggle to control portioning of your food to keep digestive problems at bay or control your weight? Well some people have some food habits or behaviors that make it hard to control food intake and others may have poor signals to say they are full. Here are two scenarios to offer some assistance with:

You have had your plate of food (which was too much) and now the urge to go back for seconds is kicking in and you then overindulge:
If you cut the first plates portion by a quarter and set that aside for ‘later’ you then eat the first plate go back for the last quarter and eat that, the usual routine right? What you will usually find is that the hunger on the second serving has dissipated like the above scenario but you have eaten less somewhat tricking that habit to consume less food.
The above trick hasn’t worked and you need a certain amount of food in the stomach to feel full. Its not the second serving you need it’s the big plate of food and the full-expanded feeling you need:
The way to get the stomach to feel full is to somewhat forget about portion control for a moment in terms of total amount of food at one meal but look at the proportions of types of food. This is where you use calorie deficient/low energy but nutrient dense vegetables to make up 50% of your portion. The other 50% is made of calorie dense but also nutrient dense foods like wholegrians/Legumes and Meats/Fish/Eggs/Cheese. This gives you that big meal but achieves the goals of not putting too much pressure on the guts digestive capacity (vegetables in most people are easy to digest) and provides less calories per meal.
Give these ago to see if you can help improve your food culture.