Female Libido – How to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally.

Female Libido – How to Increase Your Sex Drive Naturally.

Women spend their days giving, supporting and helping as well as organizing, planning and flat out working. No wonder at the end of the day there is not much energy left for sex. That is why so many of my clients ask me:

“how can I improve my libido?”

The answer is not just about prescribing the right herb or nutrients to increase libido, it is about looking at the health of the whole person and asking the right questions. I like to start with the simple ones first:

  1. Are you getting enough sleep? According to the Mayo Clinic, women who balance work with caring for young children or aging parents are often left exhausted which can lead to a lack of sex drive.
  2. Are you getting enough aerobic exercise? “Women who exercise have higher sexual self-esteem, which means they may have a greater desire to have sex,” says Tina M. Penhollow, PhD, lead researcher in a study published in the Electronic Journal of Human Sexuality. The study found that the more often women work out, the more desirable we feel.
  3. How do you feel about your body? The way you feel about your body affects your desire. Do you need to change your attitude or could you benefit from a healthier diet and even shedding a few kilos?
  4. Are you chronically exhausted or stressed? Are you burnt out? Women’s sex drive is particularly susceptible to the effects of stress and exhaustion. Do you need support to help you cope with the stress? Are you getting all the nutrients you need from your diet?
  5. Do you have a functional hormonal balance? A close look at your menstrual cycle as well as mood changes and pre-menstrual symptoms will reveal a lot.
  6. Are you kissing and cuddling enough? Taking the time to be fully present and physically close helps with feeling connected.
  7. Is sex a priority for you? A research letter in JAMA Internal Medicine reported that women between the ages of 40 and 65 who place greater importance on sex are more likely to stay sexually active. The more you have sex, the more you desire it. Reading about sex and romance actually increases sexual desire in women.

Once we have the bigger picture I can help develop a nutritional and herbal approach to strengthen and support the whole body and mind. Those crucial lifestyle changes cannot be forgotten.
If you would like to improve your libido, make an appointment for a consultation or mention it at your next follow-up.
As a medical herbalist I have a tantalizing grab bag of remedies to choose from to suit the individual. These herbs have been used traditionally for centuries, their actions now being confirmed by modern research techniques.
If you would like help with improving your libido naturally, please call the NatMed clinic on (08)9339 1999 and make an appointment with Eloise Charleson, Naturopath and Medical Herablist.

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