Meditation for Kids..

Meditation for Kids..

Children are naturally active and enthusiastic and have such an eagerness to learn and explore. For this reason I often recommend meditation for children. I love working with children in the clinic, as I know how quickly their bodies and minds respond to treatment. They are also surprisingly intuitive about their health once they have regained a certain equilibrium, and they can often sense what foods their body is demanding to optimise their health. It is when their little bodies are out of balance that they crave sugar and refined carbohydrates. In the same way they sense the benefits of calming and concentrating the mind through meditation.
When should children learn to meditate?
From 8 years old is a time when it is appropriate to offer children an opportunity to explore themselves and their mind with all its hidden faculties, latent abilities and subtle complexities through meditation. Learning Anapana meditation can plant a wholesome interest in self-introspection and meditation, which may open an entirely new dimension of life for them later on. The next One Day Children’s Meditation Course offered by the Vipassana meditation centre is to be held in Spearwood on Sunday the 30th of April, 2017.
What is Anapana meditation?
Anapana is the observation of natural, normal respiration, as it comes in and as it goes out. Anapana is a simple technique that helps develop concentration of the mind. It is easy to learn, objective and scientific. This approach is traced back to the Buddha, who rediscovered and taught this technique 2500 years ago.
What are the benefits for children?
Besides helping them to calm and concentrate their minds, Anapana helps children to better understand themselves and how their minds work. As they learn to calm and concentrate their minds, they gain mastery over their impulses and actions. They develop an inner strength that helps them to choose right and appropriate actions over wrong actions. This is a natural by-product of the technique. For this reason, Anapana provides them with a tool to deal with the fears, anxieties, and pressures of childhood and adolescence. Because of its simplicity, they find the technique easy to practice and understand and they appreciate its scientific and universal nature.
Children report improvement in concentration, greater feeling of being in control of their emotions and less anxiety after learning Anapana meditation. I notice a positive change in their outlook, behavior and attitude. It can be a really useful tool for children who find it difficult to concentrate in class or who experience anxiety.
If you are interested in a One Day Meditation Course for your 8-12 year old go to for more information and some videos on what to expect at a course as well as course dates and a link to register for the next course on Sunday 30th of April in Spearwood, W.A.
If you are interested in booking a consultation with Eloise Charleson phone NatMed on 93391999. Eloise has been in clinical practice for 18 years and has three children of her own. She is passionate about the microbiome and its impact on health, mood, weight and sleep. She has in-depth experience working with neurotransmitter, mood and hormonal imbalance, thyroid conditions and behavioural challenges in children. She takes an evidence-based approach working with her clients to develop individualized management plans that are focussed and effective.

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