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Children are naturally active and enthusiastic and have such an eagerness to learn and explore. For this reason I often recommend meditation for children. I love working with children in...

Healthy food, alert brains, even temper – helping your children adjust to school days.

Healthy food routines are crucial for supporting your children to be alert in class and not break down into tears or tantrums after the school pickup bell. The long lovely days of the school holidays are over and adapting to a tighter routine can take some time and struggle. Planning high quality and kid friendly meals and snacks can really serve to support this transition, both for your child and for you. Children come home exhausted in the first few weeks back at school. The potential for arguments, tears and winging is high. Remaining calm and supportive can be challenging for any caregiver in the face of disobedience or multiple children with varying emotional needs.

How can you be sure your teen has depression? Is it normal hormonal changes or something more? The physical changes that occur during puberty, burgeoning sexuality and awareness of changing social...

Children's nutrition - what role does a healthy microbiome play? You know as much as I do that children should try a wide variety of foods and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. You know that they should consume carbohydrates such as grains, some protein such as eggs, fish or meat and include good oils found in nuts, avocados, olive oil, coconut oil and fish. But I am guessing that if you're taking the time to read this then it could be that you are already providing your child with a healthy diet but you still have some concerns and questions about their health.

Is your child Vitamin D deficient?

The Murdoch Research Institute in Melbourne has been looking into why Australia has the highest reported prevalence of food allergy in the world. Results from the studies being carried out point to diet, vitamin D, hygiene and skin care as important factors.

If my children eat a healthy diet, why do they need to take supplements?

This is a common question we hear from parents. Firstly, congratulations if your children are eating a healthy diet! You are helping lay the foundations for their future well-being and teaching the importance of being healthy and strong.

Keeping Our Little Ones Healthy Over Winter Using Some Old Fashioned Common Sense

How do we keep our kids from spending the winter with runny noses and miserable looks on their faces? I would say that the first steps are the simple ones. In the hype of health information, we sometimes forget some of the gems contained in ‘old fashioned common sense’.