Why Your Brain Matters

Why Your Brain Matters

Why Your Brain Matters

Brains are a fascinating organ which we are yet to fully understand. Scientists have uncovered that the brain continually changes and grows according to the amount of stimulation it is presented with.
This is why we need to work to keep our brains fit! Scientific research suggests that living a brain-healthy lifestyle may help to reduce risk of developing dementia later in life.
A brain- healthy lifestyle?

  • Through Challenging the brain with new activities we help our brain to build new brain cells and strengthen connections between them.
  • When we learn new things our brain fires off new neural pathways in response!
  • By doing things that are unfamiliar, like sudoku or crosswords, dancing lessons, or learning a new foreign language- we help our brain fire off these new neuron pathways.
  • You can even find brain-healthy exercises online!!

What Else?

Being socially and physically active has been found to reduce cognitive decline in later years. This includes going out, visiting friends, playing cards, and getting involved with community or volunteer work!
Loneliness has been associated with more than double the risk of developing dementia
Eating healthy, nutritious food is important for both your body and brain. Regular physical exercise alongside a healthy diet reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cerebrovascular disease.
Lastly, stress is also believed to have a negative effect on the brain as the stress hormone cortisol can damage and kill the cells in the hippocampus and there is robust evidence that chronic stress causes premature brain aging.

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