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The Good Oil on Fat

1. Fat lowers the glycaemic load of foods Fat, when added to a meal, lowers the time it takes for the sugars from carbohydrates to reach the blood stream. Starch from grains such as rice, pasta and bread or from vegetables such as potato and carrot can raise blood...

Why would I need a stool analysis?

Feeling tired? Bloated? Sick of not getting anywhere with your health? Gut function testing with a Complete Digestive Stool Analysis may be the answer! Did you know that your microbiome (gut bugs), literally 'programs your immune system? Naturopaths have always loved...

Meditation for Kids..

Children are naturally active and enthusiastic and have such an eagerness to learn and explore. For this reason I often recommend meditation for children. I love working with children in the clinic, as I know how quickly their bodies and minds respond to treatment....

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Our blogs are created for you to learn from our experienced team of specialists- from the comfort of your home! We’ll help you learn more about topics such as portion control, thyroid testing, fertility, leading a healthy lifestyle and more!

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