Holistic Kinesiology: Unlocking The Power to Mitigate The Stress Response

Holistic Kinesiology: Unlocking The Power to Mitigate The Stress Response

Stress is an inevitable part of life, and its effects on our physical and mental well-being are well-documented. Holistic kinesiology is a fascinating approach that aims to address stress at its core, considering both the mind and body as interconnected systems. In this article, we will explore how holistic kinesiology can help mitigate the stress response by understanding the role of the autonomic nervous system, the mind-body connection, and insights from experts like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton.


The Autonomic Nervous System and Stress:


Our autonomic nervous system (ANS) is responsible for regulating essential bodily functions such as heart rate, digestion, and respiratory rate. It consists of two branches: the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The SNS is often associated with the “fight or flight” response, triggered by stress, while the PNS promotes relaxation and recovery.

When we experience stress, whether it’s emotional, physical, or psychological, the SNS becomes dominant. This shift in balance can lead to a prolonged state of arousal, with detrimental effects on our health. For example, someone who is feeling from anxiety, finding it difficult to sleep, suffering from digestive issues or struggling to conceive often has a heightened stress response and are sympathetic dominant. Thus the aim of the session would be to explore contributing stress patterns causing such symptoms and look at the root drivers of the anxiety whilst exploring the emotional motivator and consequent seeking and avoiding behaviours.

Holistic kinesiology recognises that prolonged stress can cause the ANS to become “stuck” in a state of hyperarousal, resulting in various physical and mental health issues. The aim of a session is the help find key stressors and bring body back into state of homeostasis (balance!).


Mind-Body Connection and the Power of Thought:


Holistic kinesiology emphasises the profound connection between our thoughts, emotions, and physical well-being. Our thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on our biology and physiology. Dr. Joe Dispenza, a prominent figure in the field of neuroscience and neuroplasticity, has conducted extensive research showing that when we consciously change our thought patterns and emotions, we can positively influence our body’s chemistry and even healing processes. If every thought creates a biochemical reaction within the body, then it’s imperative to explore what subconscious beliefs and negative thoughts are having an impacting our health. That’s why kinesiology can be so powerful – it uses muscle testing as a tool to access the subconscious to identify, and clear, stress patterns and limiting beliefs within the mind-body.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist, further explores this concept in his work on epigenetics. He explains how our beliefs and perceptions can affect the expression of our genes, ultimately influencing our health. This understanding reinforces the idea that our thoughts have a tangible impact on our overall well-being.


Holistic Kinesiology in Practice:


Holistic kinesiology use techniques like muscle testing to assess the body’s energy flow and identify imbalances caused by stress. By identifying stressors and their impact on the ANS, personalised strategies can be developed to restore balance and help the client develop greater self awareness that creates self empowerment. Change can happen by bringing conscious awareness to the unconscious which support greater inner connection, clarity and confidence.


Examples of a few Holistic Kinesiology Techniques:


  1. Bio- Neurological feedback via muscle monitoring
  2. Nervous system regulation  
  3. Traditional Chinese medicine & acupressure
  4. Neurovascular and lymphatic reflexes
  5. Energy chakra balancing 
  6. Holistic counselling
  7. Nutrition & lifestyle support 
  8. Mindfulness and breathwork 


Kinesiology for Health Optimisation:


Holistic kinesiology offers a considered approach to mitigating the stress response by recognising the intricate connection between the mind and body. By addressing stress at its roots, including its impact on the autonomic nervous system and the power of thought, individuals can take proactive steps to improve their overall well-being. Neuroscience research has provided valuable insights into the mind-body connection, reinforcing the idea that our thoughts and emotions have a profound influence on our biology and physiology. As we continue to explore these connections, holistic kinesiology provides an effective avenue for stress management and overall health improvement.

Every sign and symptoms, ache and pain, can be seen as a message from our body signalling an imbalance from within. If you’re sick of feeling the way you do and want to explore your health from a holistic approach, kinesiology is an effective modality to restore optimal health and well-being on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

Change is possible, and it comes from within. Start today. 

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