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Going Gluten Free? Not Sure what grains you CAN eat?

As the push towards going gluten free gains momentum, it’s hard to know what other grains you can eat! All of the following supergrains are nutrient dense AND gluten free, so make great substitutes. You may have to search a bit harder to find some of them but most are starting to make a permanent appearance on supermarket shelves.

Men’s Health : The 40’s Health Check

Men's Health ☞ In your 40's What does life look like right now : Men's health? Work can sometimes take over your life; Family and work pressure in this decade can cause great anxiety; Your work life balance is more important now than ever; Your body needs more care...

Why do I need to eat protein?

Why do I need to consume adequate protein?   This is one of the conversations I often have with clients as the majority of people aren’t consuming enough. After water, protein is the second most abundant component found in the body and it is vital for growth,...

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