How Can I Get the Best Health Care for My Child?

How Can I Get the Best Health Care for My Child?

Looking for the best care for your Child?


Getting children to take their medicine is child’s play at NatMed

One of the most asked questions from Mum’s is…

How Can I Get the Best Health Care for My Child?


So what should your primary health care provider do for you? They should partner with you to…

  • Answer questions.
  • Share decision making.
  • Communicate with other professionals.
  • Coordinate care for your child.
  • Provide resources and find out how well they worked.
  • Build bridges among families and health, education, and social services.
  • Develop comprehensive plans of care that address your individual child’s needs.
  • Develop plans for emergencies.
  • Monitor, update and follow-up care planning activities.
  • Respect your values and culture.
  • Promote health and quality of life for your child and family.


In a medical home, your family should feel comfortable to:

    • Discuss questions or concerns.
    • Share information about your child.
    • Communicate with your practitioner, clinic staff, and partners.
    • Ask for things to be explained differently when you don’t understand.
    • Seek solutions in a mutually respectful way.

At NatMed we work to give you all of this and more…

Better Testing

Non-invasive In house testing for children using stethoscope and otoscope together with indican urine analysis enable us to establish what may be the cause of your child’s problems. We also do live blood Heamaview for children who are comfortable with a simple skin prick. This gives us a quick understanding of nutrient deficiencies such as B12 and iron and tells us how your child’s gut and immune system are working. Your child becomes very motivated once they see their results for themselves and parents are always surprised at how responsive children are to changing their diets to keep the improvements coming!

Better Support

We offer a team of professionals with over 100 years of combined experience but we can’t do everything. Over the last 15 years in business we have developed a vast network of allied professionals to support your family in your health journey. We are proud to deliver you simply superb support & results because we can access such a wide scope of professionals for your child.


How Can We Help Your Child?

We have five child health specialists with over 60 years combined experience.

We have a great deal of experience with all childhood ailments from recurrent infection, developmental delay,

constant tummy aches, insomnia, poor mood and anxiety, fussy eaters, and highly sensitive and reactive little people.


Call us today on (08) 9339 1999 for a free 15 minute phone consultation
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