Speed vs. Endurance


Speed vs. Endurance

Natural Baby Selection

Dr. Shettles of Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, a specialist in the field of reproductive physiology, asserts there are two types of sperm:

  • Boy Sperm: “Y” sperm is smaller and round headed which, if successful, fertilise the ovum to produce XY chromosomes which results in a baby boy.
  • Girl Sperm: “x” sperm, with a larger oval head, which if successful fertilises the ovum to produce xx chromosomes which result in a baby girl

The androsperm, or male sperm, usually outnumber the gymnosperm (female sperm), but the female sperm are usually more capable of enduring for longer periods before fertilization occurs.
Although the male sperm start out in greater numbers, they live for only 24 hours, whereas the female sperm can live for three days. It’s a case of speed versus endurance.

Making Girls

The durability of the female sperm has the ability to survive hostile environments, such as the acid vagina (which repels infection).
What to do

  • Intercourse to cease two or three days before ovulation
  • Douche with white vinegar (2 tablespoons to 1 litre of water) just before intercourse). This aids in killing off the male sperm which usually cannot survive such an environment, (acid immobilises the androsperm).
  • Orgasm should be avoided if possible
  • Shallow penetration “ missionary position”. Many women in folk history report that gentle loving sex helps to conceive a girl. So think romance!

Acidic diet for the duration of one cycle at a time as the diet may become quite restrictive.
first thing in the morning :
Test saliva and urine. Ideal for the 3 days prior and post ovulation pH should be >5.6
For 3 days prior to ovulation and 3 days post ovulation each plate should be mostly protein.

Making Boys

The male chromosome carrying sperm are faster and more agile in favourable conditions. In theory the boy foetus has to work hard to differentiate himself.
What to do

  • Intercourse to occur as near as possible to ovulation
  • Douche with baking soda (2 tablespoons to 1 litre, just before intercourse) . This favours the speedier androsperm ( in a friendlier alkaline environment).
  • Males- orgasm should be experienced if possible
  • Deeper penetration. So think robust energetic sex and for deepest penetration the female should be on hands and knees with the partner entering from behind. Think robust orgasmic and athletic sex!

Testing pH
First thing in the morning :
Test Saliva and Urine. Ideal for the 3 days prior and post ovulation pH should be >7
For 3 days prior to ovulation and 3 days post ovulation each plate should be mostly plant.
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