Multi-Modal Approach to Healthcare


Multi-Modal Approach to Healthcare

Recent research by Pieh et al.(2014) has shown that a multi-modal approach to health management delivers the most effective results, compared to a single modality on its own. So what does this mean for you? It means that multi-modality clinics like NatMed are in a unique position to offer you and your family the best quality healthcare, all under one roof.
The research by Pieh et al.(2014) used a multi-disciplinary team comprised of nutritionists, counselors and physical therapists to treat people with Somatic Symptom Disorder. Somatic Symptom Disorder is characterized by pain and other symptoms that have no medical explanation, examples being Chronic Fatigue, and Fibromyalgia (Sharma & Manjula, 2013). Pieh et al.,(2014) discovered that compared to medical, physical or psychological therapy as a single modality, that a multidisciplinary approach was far more successful in reducing pain and other somatic symptoms such as fatigue.
In addition to the dietary and nutritional advice given by our naturopaths, NatMed offers a range of additional therapies that can improve your health outcomes. For example, acupuncture is widely respected by western and eastern medical circles for its ability to help a wide variety of illnesses. Our acupuncturist Danielle, can tailor a treatment to compliment your current herbal and nutritional regime, to improve your health outcomes.
Jodie, our occupational therapist, is uniquely experienced to offer you practical life guidance and coaching to improve your resistance to stress. With stress being one of the most detrimental contributing factors to ill health – a session with Jodie is well worth considering along with your Naturopathic treatment (JianLi et al., 2009).
In addition, Justin and Danielle, our remedial massage therapists, can help manage the physical expression of your health challenges through relaxation and remedial therapies. Their ability to release muscular tension and pain can be a great addition to Naturopathic treatment.
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