Living in Wellness

Living in Wellness

Living in Wellness

What does Wellness mean to you?

Wellness is a term we hear frequently, but what does wellness mean to you? It can mean a range of different things to people. Is it good health? The ability to carry out your daily activities? A feeling of contentment?
Pause for a moment and think, what does Wellness mean to you, jot down some thoughts that come to you, and if for some reason, something happened to your health, how would your lifestyle change?……. Maybe currently, you are not experiencing Wellness or health and you would like to change that.
The World Health Organization (WHO) defines health as ‘a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity’ (1946). From this definition we can adopt a holistic approach to Wellness incorporating the physical, social and emotional aspects into our lives.
There are many factors of living that can influence our sense of wellness. Our environment to start with, for instance, do you live in a noisy environment that effects the quality of your sleep? This may be detrimental to your emotional and physical wellbeing, having real health implications in the long term. The food you consume, do you take time to prepare healthy nutritious meals that nourish you and eat in a relaxed environment with time to chew and digest? Or are you constantly on the go, grabbing convenience food on the run to gulp down leaving you feeling never quite satisfied or particularly well. Is work dictating your lifestyle choices, affecting your meal times, family time, social life, time for exercise and stress levels?
Many people today are conflicted by the demands of living. We live in busy, fast paced times, often with unrealistic expectations that we place on ourselves or meeting the demands of a stressful job. Creating ‘balance’ to promote our feelings of wellness almost seems like a mythical fantasy.
Fortunately in this busy life, we have many tools and resources available to help us find ways to relax, take time out and find our Wellness again. The behaviours we choose on a daily basis go a long way towards determining the Wellness we can experience in our later years towards ‘aging successfully’.
There are many things we can do to promote and encourage our Wellness and they don’t have to involve joining the gym or investing in loads of expensive equipment. Here is a list of ‘Free Wellness Behaviours to get you started. These behaviours can be done in your own time making them ultra-convenient….

  • Breathe! Sit back at the traffic lights & enjoy some nice deep breaths. Make the most of such moments to check your posture, relax your shoulders & breathe.
  • Unplug! Switch the computer off, turn the mobile to silent & enjoy an hour with the delicious prospect of no interruptions and some quality peace. Set yourself a daily time limit – (like you do with your kids!), no screen time after 10pm.
  • Take it one step further – implement a weekend digital detox and reconnect in person with friends or family face-to-face or reconnect in the sanctuary of nature.
  • Meditation – find stillness and clarity within.
  • Sleep – create a regular sleep pattern that allows you adequate rest. Enjoy a Sunday afternoon nap, great for the soul!
  • Stretch – great to oxygenate the muscles & promote relaxation. You can find time to stretch anywhere. Even at work, try some shoulder stretches at your desk.
  • Walking – a great highly under-rated activity. Low impact, so suitable for everyone. Great for the mind & an opportunity to enjoy some fresh air, by the beach or in the bush, enjoying the sounds of nature.
  • Gratitude – keep a ‘gratitude’ journal. Write down at the end of each day what you are thankful for. Sometimes the smallest things can fill us with joy & appreciating what we have is uplifting emotionally.

Taking some time out is not only great for your Wellness but has been proven to increase productivity as you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. So it’s a win/win for everyone around you!
Author Jodie Lang
Remedial Massage Therapist

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