Welcome to 2014! NatMed’s year of doing things SLOWLY and making TIME – FOR – YOU.

We commence the year by inspiring you with our new blog: THRIVE, our Facebook page, NatMed Natural Medicine, and an e-Newsletter called Living a Juicy Life.
We will be posting a weekly THRIVE blog, updating you on the latest innovations, recipes, and research in natural medicine. NatMed VIP members will receive a monthly NatMed e-Newsletter entitled Living a Juicy Life, which details what’s going on at NatMed, your success stories, offers to attend our free monthly seminars, specialist program presentations, retreats, and more to help you suck the juice out of 2014 without it sucking the juice out of you!
To join as a VIP member and receive the Living a Juicy Life newsletter, subscribe here.
To join our community on Facebook please visit our page here and “like” us.
To comment on this page and suggest what you would like us to do for you, please submit your comments below.
We are committed to bringing you the best that science and nature has to offer in order to assist in YOUR endeavour to have less of what you don’t want, and more of what you do want this year.

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