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Any time I scan the paid-presentation channels I always see the latest ‘fad’ exercise machines being sold, with bikini clad models or Hollywood tough guys like Chuck Norris sweating away as they use them. I often wonder how many good old 1990s ab crunchers are gathering dust in people's sheds, products of older ‘fads’ never to be heard of again. Yoga however, with its 5000 year history, is one exercise routine that will never lose popularity, and the reasons for this are now being more fully understood by research.

How to Prevent a Heart Attack Without Statins

“Over 40 million people worldwide take drugs to lower their cholesterol. But now there's evidence that the majority of them won't benefit. ” This comment, aired on ABC's program, Catalyst, has caused a huge fallout in patients stopping lipid lowering statin medications, with a recent survey showing three out of four doctors have seen patients who've stopped or are considering stopping their cholesterol medication.