Sick of Feeling Sick?

Health testing

Sick of Feeling Sick?

Determining Individual Biochemical Needs To Take the Guesswork Out of Supplementation Programs.

Get to the bottom of your health issues!
Health testing to get the best out of your vehicle’s performance has come a long, long way. You can now access really high tech testing methodologies to assess your health and optimise your well being in every aspect from energy to cognition.
NatMed now offers Organic Acids testing to garner a complete biochemical picture of your health and to totally annihilate guess work when it comes to your prescription. This is a perfect test if you are truly seeking to achieve greatness in the area of your health and want a definitive screen to make sure the money you spend on supplements is hitting the mark.
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Find out more about Organic Acids testing. (PDF download)

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