Your Private Health Rebates are at Stake

Your Private Health Rebates are at Stake

Private Health Rebates and Naturopathy.

More people are learning that natural health care treatments are a viable alternative to traditional medicine.
If you are seeking a natural, non-invasive remedy to your health concerns, whether it be sickness, allergies, thyroid issues, hormonal, weight management, anxiety or mental health related: natural health care treatments (like naturopathic medicine) are worth investigating.
With a focuses on your health as a whole – your physical, emotional, and mental wellness will all be addressed.
Naturopathic treatment is focused on the lifestyle of a person and works to identify the imbalances which may cause some negative effects to their health.
Focus is placed on the root cause of the disease and the goal is to eliminate it by encouraging the person to strive for wholeness and healthy living.
Unfortunately, the Government is trying to cut health care rebates for your naturopath appointments!!
A vote for labour means no private health rebates for natural health services.
Sadly, this move will only increase the burden on an already broken health care system.

Speak to your local labour candidate and let them know how you feel : CLICK HERE

“He who has health has hope; he who has hope has everything.”

– Thomas Carlyle

Yours in good health, from the
Team at NatMed