Men's Health : The 30's Health Check

Men's Health : The 30's Health Check

Men’s Health →  30’s Health Check

Your 30’s are a busy, exciting time.
You’re building a career, developing relationships, possibly starting a family and working on your finances, your home, and your work.


✔ Weight and Waist Measurement : Book in for a BMI check or ask your naturopath about the SHIFT diet program.
✔ Men’s health research suggests that your 30’s is the optimal time to start checkign your Blood Pressure
✔ Skin cancer screening – get your moles checked out!
✔ Blood cholesterol and glucose – In house testing at NatMed makes it easier than ever to stay on top of your health, & anything we can’t test for, we can organize for you with Perth Pathology!
✔ Examine your testicles for lumps and bumps – if you feel anything unusual get it checked immediately! At NatMed all of our practitioners are experienced in Men’s health, and can advise you on general or complicated health concerns. 
✔ Sexually transmitted diseases : Men’s health guides say its never too late, and should be a regular practice.
✔ Think about your emotional concerns– talk about your anxiety, stress, and whether you’re having any symptoms of depression – your naturopaths can assist you.

OUR TIPS : Men’s Health →

  • Keep active →  find exercise you enjoy and do it regularly
  • Avoid working too hard → now is a great time to establish your balance between work and life. Allow time for friends and family
  • Drink moderately → have at least three alcohol day free days a week
  • Don’t bottle up issues →  spill the beans!
  • Take time out → if you have a hobby or interest, pursue it!
  • Book in for a health check! You can book in for a 1 hour appointment to consult with your naturopath and undergo all major testings right here at NatMed.

    Any Questions : Men’s Health?

  • If you want to re-visit your naturopath, give us a call and we’ll make it happen!
  • If you haven’t been before, call NOW to book a free 15 minute consultation to find the best fit for you.

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