Cell Membranes – Feed Them And Increase Your Energy

Cell Membranes – Feed Them And Increase Your Energy

What are membranes?
Why do you need to know about them?
How do you support them so you can have energy?

Our body is composed of membranes. Each cell has a wall called a ‘membrane’, actually a double membrane. When I first saw a photograph of an enlarged image of a cell membrane I was blown away by the architectural beauty. Truly that alone could be proof of a creative mind behind the development of our engineering. In this article, I discuss in lay terms why they are so important and why when there is dysfunction our energy is affected. I’ll also discuss what you can do about it. Enjoy!

Inside our cells, there are 10 times more membrane structures, most life actions take place at the membrane.

So why do we need to take care of our membranes?

Medicine assumes that the membranes function properly.

It is not commonly thought that membranes can suffer insults, they can get weak, leaky and non-functional. 

What makes membranes ill?

Toxic attacks of neurotoxins like heavy metals destroy brain cells and body cells alike. Chemicals like solvents dissolve fatty structures like membranes. Mould toxins like Aflatoxin in peanut butter are carcinogenic (see my next blog), as well as chemicals and heavy metals which disturb membrane function.

Can ill membranes be fixed? 

Yes. Membrane structure and composition depends on the good things you consume and the things you come in contact with on a daily basis. It is like balancing your account. If you get enough high-quality membrane reconstructing substances into your system and stay away from the aggressive villains you regain health on a cellular membrane level.

What is needed?

Firstly, you need to consume good food to support healthy cells and membranes as they are mainly built out of protein and lipids (fats). You need protein with all amino acids in your daily nutrition which can be from both animal or vegetarian sources.

Then you need these beautiful oils and fats that are building parts of the phospholipids puzzle.

Take one gram of omega-three per ten kilograms of weight per day to balance your omega 6 intakes.

To get rid of the toxic stuff you need heavier help in the form of the wondrous phospholipids themselves.

Phosphatidylcholine (PC) in combination with the other family members of phospholipids helps to groom out toxins and establish strong and powerful mitochondria powerhouses (ATP production) and cell walls. 

  • Organ-, brain-, cell regeneration
  • Sturdy energy production
  • Strong and radiant cell structures
  • Better ageing
  • Longevity
  • Health maintenance
  • Recovery from toxic burden and damage



If you would like to find out how your fats are performing start with blood microscopy to get a visual of the membrane and then consider using NES scanning for insight into your toxic burden. Soon, we will be introducing cell membrane analysis via a laboratory in the US. For more information have a look at Dr Patricia Kane’s work on cell membranes.

Deborah Taylor
[email protected]