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Go crazy for nuts!

Activated Nuts Nuts are a fantastic addition to meals or as a snack between meals. The benefits of eating a handful of nuts every day (without the salt, honey, or roasting – sorry!) have been proven. Nutrient-dense, they are rich in protein (ten to 25 per cent) and up to 80 per cent of the fat they contain is unsaturated. They are also a significant source of fibre and minerals. Unfortunately, many people have digestive issues with nuts, They have quite a few enzyme inhibitors and a little phytic acid, so they can bother your digestion and cause bloating, gas, heart burn, and stomach ulcers over the long term. Phytic acid is the storage form of phosphorus found in many plants, especially in the bran or hull of grains and in nuts and seeds. Although herbivores like cows and sheep can digest phytic acid, humans can’t. So for some nut consumers – such as vegetarians who rely on them as a key source of protein and vitamins – activating nuts makes the most of the nutrients.