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Re-inventing the Pyramid: Are you confused about how to eat?

An interview with NatMed's associate nutritionist, Adrian Adams

A new food pyramid has been released by Nutrition Australia and has made some rather dramatic changes compared to previous revisions of the pyramid. Currently, Australia is exposed to a handful of large organisations that release national food guidelines working off the back of the governments “Dietary Guidelines for Australians 2013”. For the most part, these organisations (Nutrition Australia being one of them) have followed the guidelines set by the government. So, why has this organisation changed its pyramid? Is there new evidence of certain food groups being recommended in too high amounts? Or is it just representing what clinicians are actually recommending? Why the change? To answer these questions and more I have NatMed's resident associate nutritionist, Adrian Adams.

New Food Pyramid Review

Australians, did you know we have a new guide to healthy eating from the government? As you can see, the new guidelines are a pie chart, that kind of looks like a plate. The Department of Health and Aging suggest we eat these relative proportions of food groups daily. The department is well intending though some of this research is a little out dated.