Do You Need to Take a Multivitamin?

Do You Need to Take a Multivitamin?

Research demonstrates a broad spectrum of protective health benefits with regular use of therapeutic multivitamins.
A large prospective study of 43,641 women showed that usage of such multivitamins resulted in a 20% lower risk of colorectal adenoma. Not only that, the protective benefits and risk reduction were even greater in the women who partook in the study that drank alcohol.
This research illustrates that therapeutic multivitamins are not only short-term inverventions, but may also reduce the risk of chronic disease with long-term use.
But Which Multivitamin Do I Take?
The quality of multivitamins varies depending on the forms of nutrients, excipients and fillers as well manufacturing process. Cheaper multi vitamins are often padded with fillers or contain low grade nutrients. Ergo, two different multivitamins with very similar levels of a nutrient that have wildly different levels of absorption, that is the amount of said nutrient actually taken up by the body.
For a comparative analysis between the commonly prescribed pregnancy multi elevit and a pharmaceutical grade prescription brand product made for the same purpose, check out the link to the table below:
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