So what exactly is aging? And should we be having a midlife-health-crisis?

So what exactly is aging? And should we be having a midlife-health-crisis?

Midlife Health Crisis!

Having reached a healthy respectable age I have found myself thinking of my health in terms of the next 30-40 years and how to maintain a healthy balance and prevent degenerative disease throughout the aging process.
Particularly when headlines scream “Chronic disease incidence explodes in Middle age”,
which strikes fear into the hearts of those approaching 50 years and above!!
Those headlines include diseases such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypertension and Osteoarthritis, and then there are the more sinister threats of Cancer and Alzheimers.
Recent surveys found that a large percentage of Australians put themselves at risk of chronic disease.
Statistics for Australian Baby boomers, from 2012 →
• 47 % have high blood pressure
• 67% have high blood cholesterol
• 15% have impaired glucose tolerance
So I’m thinking of the choices we make, and/or the lifestyle choices that are set in stone that we do without even thinking about, and wonder – maybe it is time to reevaluate our diet and lifestyle choices… as the saying goes  → it’s not all scary sweeping changes – “one giant step that does it is a lot of little steps”.
We all know the theories behind healthy living such as  →
• Drink at least 8 glasses of filtered water per day
• Enjoy a minimum of 3 cups of veggies per day
• Include protein rich foods in each meal or snack
• At least 2 serves of fruit per day
• 1-2 serves of starchy foods per day
• Include healthy oils, nuts and seeds in the diet
• Avoid excess sugar alcohol and salt ( World Health Organization recommends no more than 4 tea spoons of sugar per day from all food sources)
• Eat seasonal fresh foods, organic as much as possible
• Reduce caloric intake
• Watch how you eat not just what you eat
The other guide lines are regarding lifestyle and environmental considerations such as  →
• Daily exercise
• Time in the sun
• Support structural integrity
• Maintain a healthy weight
• Limit toxin exposure
• Rest, Relaxation and stress management
• Exercise your mind as well as your body
• Get creative
• Form a community
• Have a sense of purpose in life

So what exactly is aging?
It is a progressive and general decrease in function, leading to a reduced ability to adapt to change and preserve homeostasis (which means body balance).

Researchers now believe that our genetics contribute to approximately 25 % of the aging process and a whopping 75% is attributed to dietary, lifestyle and environmental factors – if that isn’t enough to get you putting your trainers on walk around the block – I don’t know what is!

Many small populations of peoples across the world have been studied to assess their successful longevity and low risk of chronic disease. One such group are the centenarians of Okinawa in Japan, a key dietary difference between the Okinawa diet and that of the rest of Japan is an emphasis on sweet potato and a small amount of rice in the diet, plus a variety of plant foods and healthy food rich in omega 3, in the form of seafood and fish. Sweet potato has a low glycaemic index and is rich in dietary fibre, protein vitamin A , C , potassium, iron and calcium.
Other key ingredients included in their traditional diet are  →
• Turmeric
• Burdock
• Fennel
• Shitahke mushrooms
• Bitter melon
All nutrients well known to Naturopaths for their medicinal benefits!
So I wanted to create a template of supplements to support healthy aging being now I am middle aged  →
• This would include a premium multi vitamin and mineral complex
• omega 3 essential fatty acids
• A probiotic
• A phytochemical rich formula (high in antioxidants)
But before you rush out and buy nutrients to support healthy aging bear in mind that not all supplements are created equal. . . it really does matter what forms the vitamins and minerals are, so check before you buy, to make sure that you are benefitting from the money you are spending.
For example turmeric supplements vary in quality and standard preparations have poor bioavailability (absorption).
So speak to a professional before you buy. Here at NatMed we only supply supplements that have been through rigorous testing and clinical trials and have proven efficacy to support your ongoing health.

So I’m off to buy some sweet potatoes, and turmeric infused fish with a side of shitake mushrooms for dinner! Washed down, of course, with a cup of green tea,after my walk around the block! Followed by a relaxing stress-free evening watching an educational documentary and an 8 hour sleep!!!! Ha!

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