Men's Health : The 40's Health Check

Men's Health : The 40's Health Check

Men’s Health ☞ In your 40’s

What does life look like right now : Men’s health?

  • Work can sometimes take over your life;
  • Family and work pressure in this decade can cause great anxiety;
  • Your work life balance is more important now than ever;
  • Your body needs more care and attention than it has before.

What can we suggest for Men;s Health?

  • Keep active! Try cycling or casual team sports;
  • Smoking? STOP NOW – see your naturopath for quitting techniques and support
  • Talk about your issues or concerns, seek help from your health practitioner, a counselor, and your friends and family;
  • Catch up with mates, take time to yourself, leave work and make time with your family

The 40’s Men’s Health Check ☞

  1. Blood Pressure
  2. Cholesterol and Blood Glucose testing
  3. Test your blood for Kidney and Liver Function
  4. Get your eyes checked
  5. Mental health – seek guidance. See our Mental Health Coaching
  6. Check for sexually transmitted diseases
  7. Don’t be afraid to want more for your health. Book in an initial consultation where we offer all 9 Health checks, and can make a progression plan with you.
  • Any Questions : Men’s Health?

  • If you want to re-visit your naturopath, give us a call and we’ll make it happen!
  • If you haven’t been before, call NOW to book a free 15 minute consultation to find the best fit for you.

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