How Hair Trace Mineral Analysis Can Assist Conception


How Hair Trace Mineral Analysis Can Assist Conception

Why Hair Trace Mineral Analysis is so important for Pre-Conception care.

Hair Trace Mineral Analysis is a non-invasive technique which determines exposure to toxic substances such as mercury, cadmium, and lead; also levels of essential minerals in the body- many of which are key to optimal reproductive health.
Some minerals override or drive down others in the body if they become too dominant, other minerals act synergistically to help the absorption of others.
If the body gets swamped by a toxic metal, key nutrients will be denied absorption, much of which are due to environmental exposure which is mainly manmade.
One such commonly found toxic metal is lead, which can lead to conditions such as spina bifida, delayed development, hyperactivity, and autism.
The good news is that excess levels are reversible- it just takes a little time.
Selenium is an essential mineral for sperm production- it also protects the lungs, so fathers who smoke will be low in selenium which also protects against cancer and chromosomal damage.
The hair gathers available minerals from the blood, which is transporting minerals around the body. Hair samples reflect the mineral history of the previous 6 – 8 weeks, the advantage being that it is not fluctuating and altering every few hours as with blood, sweat, and urine.
As a protection mechanism, the body stores toxic metals until circumstances are more favourable to cope with the overload. When supportive minerals are given to reduce toxic loads, tissues will release toxic metals into the blood- a process which can take months rather than weeks, the second analysis will often show dumping of toxins.
All the toxic metals, if present in large amounts, can cause health problems with the baby. If the metals are left in storage as in response to pregnancy hormones, they will be released into the body and are not kept away from the developing foetus.
Babies who are born free from a toxic load of dangerous substances are able to use any vitamin or mineral they require for their mental and physical integrity and are perfectly formed and mentally and emotionally bright.
By improving your diet alongside supportive supplements to correct nutritional deficiencies, this makes successes more likely to happen as most couples are understandably impatient for conception to occur.
A few facts on heavy metals:

  • The pill causes women to retain copper and lose zinc ( essential for fertility)
  • Smoking increases the storage of lead and cadmium
  • Alcohol removes zinc and slows down liver and kidney function, therefore slowing down the removal of heavy metals
  • Cannabis can deposit aluminium, high levels of manganese, and nickel
  • Copper excess alongside zinc deficiency can cause miscarriage or premature birth
  • Low chromium levels relates to high blood sugar,

And the list goes on……
The main toxic metals which are known to adversely influence pregnancy outcome include lead, cadmium, aluminium, and lead. ( high levels of copper also effect fertility)
We are constantly inundated by heavy metals through environmental factors and the products we use. As an example of heavy metal toxicity, lets take a look at lead.
Lead sources:

  • Found in food and water which has run through old lead piping, also found in copper piping soldered with lead alloys. Cigarette smoking increases lead levels as tobacco is sprayed by an insecticide containing lead.
  • Renovating your house can expose you to lead from old paint, from roofing felt, and cement.
  • Black hair die contains lead, imported mascara from Asia may also contain lead.

So protection from heavy metals is an essential preconception goal. This is necessary for the one thing we all wish for and that is to produce happy healthy kids!

Jacky Dixon
[email protected]