Baby’s First Bacteria

Baby’s First Bacteria

When you think of ‘bacteria’, its likely that images of germs and infection may spring to mind…unwelcome guests in your little one’s body! While some microbes can lead to sickness, it’s important to know that the right types of bacteria can be very beneficial for your baby, helping his or her little body grow and function. In fact, did you realise that as a mother, all of the bacteria and other microorganisms living inside your body (known as the microbiome) have a significant bearing on the evolution of your baby’s microbiome? This is because babies are initially exposed to their mother’s bacteria during birth, and then through breastfeeding and skin to skin contact. Infants continue to make friends with microbes through a love of playing in the dirt, patting animals and touching everything in sight! Interaction with these wonderful microbes (or a lack thereof), largely determines your baby’s health and vitality, collaborating to support development and future health.
Happier, Healthier Mums = Happier, Healthier Babies
Taking good care of yourself during pregnancy and breastfeeding in turn promotes the health of your growing baby. One simple way that you can support your own health and vitality is by taking a daily strain specific probiotic. Certain strains also aid blood glucose control during pregnancy, reducing the risk of gestational diabetes. Scientifically researched probiotics enhance the health of the mother’s microbiome and support digestion, immunity and overall wellbeing; significantly, these benefits also pass onto your baby.
The Birth of Optimal Health 
All mums hope for a happy, healthy child and early exposure to specific probiotic strains may offer protection against numerous health conditions. Probiotics can be safely taken by the mother while pregnant and breastfeeding, and can also be given directly to the baby if not being breastfed.  In infancy, benefits include improved digestion and immune function, preventing the development of eczema and infection. Advancing into childhood, specific probiotic strains may even reduce the incidence of behavioural conditions such as attention deficit disorder and autism spectrum disorder.
Talk to your Practitioner today about strain specific probiotics to lay the foundations for a healthier start for you and your baby.or your baby.
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